Angry Bird: A Life Saving Game for Mentally Disabled Kids

Upon the dawn of neuroscience advancement, specialists have inferred that using a tablet and Angry Birds, mentally disorder kids can be taught to program robots. A group of researchers led by Prof. Howard have come up with sufficient solutions to support the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

The team has connected a humanoid robot called Darwin-OP with a tablet Android. The tablet is installed with the world famous game Angry Bird. Once the kid fixes the bird on the pig and stretches it by sliding figure, the robot senses the whole movement and saves it in its memory. The robot also monitors the tablet screen and the way the fingers of the kid moves and finally sees the score.

When the turn of the robot comes, it replicates the movements of the kid and the moment it misses the target it nods its head out of frustration and if it destroys the target the eyes of the robot lights up. The robot learns to play the game effectively and observes when the child loses or wins and analyzes crucial information. Such observations by the robot enable it to play well.

The acceptability and cognitive behavior of the robot is the subject on which the team is working and the team believes that the current researches have proven to be an effective tool for future in treating the mentally disabled kid having cognitive problems or now can program the robot as per the disability level and need of the child.

The doctors can now program the robot according to the movement of the child. Then the robot can be supplied to the family of the disabled kid where the little one can utilize it. Another good advantage of the robot is that you do not need to admit the child in rehabilitation and the robot does not get tired and has infinite patience. Such process also saves lot of money that may get exhausted in the expensive rehabilitation centers. Now, disabled kids can spend at least three times more time playing Angry Birds with the robot. The child can react and interact more with the robot in a better manner.

Thus, the initiative has brought a breakthrough in the field of medical science where disabled kids can be treated with advanced technology. Many cases have been evaluated on the basis of such process where extra ordinary improvements have been realized in the mentally disabled children.

It was always so vague to send a small kid to rehab for treatment when it can get better treatment in home under the surveillance of parents. Even parents who cannot afford much on rehab centers can go for such advance therapy with just a onetime investment. Undoubtedly, such a therapy is going to tap the medical requirements in the coming days and bring up a new ray of hope among the mankind.

Spectacular Daily Revenue of Clash of Clans

These days, the boom of mobile gaming has brought a breakthrough in the technology market as it has churned out to be a significantly affluent business globally on the digital platform. Analysts have recorded magnificent business revenues in the mobile gaming world that has changed the faces of many developers. One such developer is Supercell.

It was really awesome when the hot news hit the headlines; the superb developer has made $5.15 million as single day revenue. The data was fetched from the internal sales team via a hacker this week. Any spy with having paramount ethical expertise leaked the data, compromising the security of the Facebook accounts of the users in the company and later circulated the developer images of sales figures and internal audience.

According to the snapshots from Re/code, the developer with its most remarkable developments like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach all together generated revenue of $5.15 million with 29.4 million active users on February 7. It was later revealed that the hack was due to sort of retribution. As per the hacker, he warned the developer about the security threat but they did not pay any attention and so he taught them a lesson by leaking their data.

Later, it was investigated and found that the hack was successful as Ethical Spectrum got access to the internal network and penetrated into the social media tool called Engagor. As per the CEO of Engagor, their app is to manage Supercell’s Facebook Pages and the app lost control. When the attack was alerted, the Engagor authorities shut down the account in few minutes and most surprisingly it lost its own security standards.

After all, the hack created a high alert among all the companies operating in the digital platform and raised enormous questions on the security standards of so-called business tycoons. The data may be a pride, but again what would have happened if some vital and classified information had been hacked having high importance for the company.

Just after the attack, Ethical Spectrum tweeted a snapshot of an email sent by the CEO of Supercell to its employees, stating not to comment mush on the attack and continue their job normally. However, the attack may be a crucial one, but it also leaked a crucial data of pride. The CEO also added saying that if we think of the hack the whole day then certainly we are physiologically defeated by the hacker.

With the dawn of advanced technology on the mobile platform, the threats are also boosting on technology aspects. So, whether it’s a success in other hand or loss in the other, such questions have puzzled the technical master minds on the planet. However, it’s time to celebrate the success of mobile platform and think of the positive aspects only.