GTA 5 Features That Gamers Have Been Anticipating for a Long Time

The biggest game that was released in the year 2013 has been Grand Theft Auto 5. This popular game features 3 compelling characters that the gamer can pick from, loads of open-world gameplay, and plenty of missions to beat. This is quite expected keeping the kind of games the makers have churned out in the past, but this time around – they have beaten all expectations. The game became a huge success on Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Here is a look at some of the features that gamers have been looking forward to for a long time and you just cannot ignore now that it is out:

  • Grand Theft Auto Online is way over the top: The creator, Rockstar Games opened a huge component along GTA 5 when they released Grand Theft Auto Online, which is a multiplayer game that allows the gamer to make events, shootouts, and a lot more. It was a little buggy initially, but the developers at Rockstar Games gave it all the attention it required. Once the development was given enough attention, it only got better with the consoles of Sony, Microsoft, and PC versions.
  • GTA 5 Is One Amazing Wild Ride: A good number of gamers have beaten the basic story line of GTA 5, but then they are also known to come back and have fun all over again. There is always a good load of things that you can have fun with- you can get into a gun battle, explore the city, create chaos, or go around the city while enjoying the aerial view. Without a doubt, you will always be caught up in a side mission that first time users end up missing.
  • You Have Not Discovered All the Secrets Yet: There is a huge wealth of items that are hidden in GTA 5. It can be hidden goodies like parts of UFO, specialized vehicles, or a lot of interesting stuff that you can find all around Blaine County and Los Santos. There is a good chance that only a handful of gamers will be able to discover 100% of its content. But when the new release on the Xbox One, PC, and PS4 will give them yet another chance to catch up on. There is a good chance that developers might throw on some bonus content and features to keep the interest of veterans ongoing.
  • Gamers Can Transfer Saved Files from the Older Version: This is one relieving feature! Rock Star announced during Sony E3 2014 press conference that gamers will be able to port their online character and then move on to the new game and start off from where they left the last time.
  • The Next Generation of GTA 5 Looks Way Too Tempting: This has long been a topic of debate, discussion, and wild anticipation. The game is expected to be totally revamped with environments and terrains that are more realistic.

All-in-all, GTA 5 is well worth a buy that will keep you entertained for a long time!

Angry Bird: A Life Saving Game for Mentally Disabled Kids

Upon the dawn of neuroscience advancement, specialists have inferred that using a tablet and Angry Birds, mentally disorder kids can be taught to program robots. A group of researchers led by Prof. Howard have come up with sufficient solutions to support the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

The team has connected a humanoid robot called Darwin-OP with a tablet Android. The tablet is installed with the world famous game Angry Bird. Once the kid fixes the bird on the pig and stretches it by sliding figure, the robot senses the whole movement and saves it in its memory. The robot also monitors the tablet screen and the way the fingers of the kid moves and finally sees the score.

When the turn of the robot comes, it replicates the movements of the kid and the moment it misses the target it nods its head out of frustration and if it destroys the target the eyes of the robot lights up. The robot learns to play the game effectively and observes when the child loses or wins and analyzes crucial information. Such observations by the robot enable it to play well.

The acceptability and cognitive behavior of the robot is the subject on which the team is working and the team believes that the current researches have proven to be an effective tool for future in treating the mentally disabled kid having cognitive problems or now can program the robot as per the disability level and need of the child.

The doctors can now program the robot according to the movement of the child. Then the robot can be supplied to the family of the disabled kid where the little one can utilize it. Another good advantage of the robot is that you do not need to admit the child in rehabilitation and the robot does not get tired and has infinite patience. Such process also saves lot of money that may get exhausted in the expensive rehabilitation centers. Now, disabled kids can spend at least three times more time playing Angry Birds with the robot. The child can react and interact more with the robot in a better manner.

Thus, the initiative has brought a breakthrough in the field of medical science where disabled kids can be treated with advanced technology. Many cases have been evaluated on the basis of such process where extra ordinary improvements have been realized in the mentally disabled children.

It was always so vague to send a small kid to rehab for treatment when it can get better treatment in home under the surveillance of parents. Even parents who cannot afford much on rehab centers can go for such advance therapy with just a onetime investment. Undoubtedly, such a therapy is going to tap the medical requirements in the coming days and bring up a new ray of hope among the mankind.